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Refund Policy

Thanks for purchasing from our Beekeeping Equipment, Live Bees (Nucs, Accelerated Starter Colonies and Queens) and Delivery & Mentoring from

Once you order, we will begin preparing your order immediately. There is a lot of work and planning that goes into preparing our products and services and live bees of the quality our clients expect and to cancel during Spring or Summer would leave us significantly out of pocket. For this reason, late stage order cancellation requests will be processed based on the following conditions.

We will accept order cancellations via email up until 31 August of the year the order was placed with a full (100%) refund being issued. If you request an order cancellation from 1st September - 30th September of the year the order was placed a 50% refund will be issued on request via email. From 1 October of the year the order was placed onwards there are no refunds on any of our products or services including, but not limited to, live bees, queens, beekeeping equipment and delivery & mentoring ordered on 

We do our due diligence to inspect 5-Frame Nucleus Hives, 7-frame Accelerated Starter Colonies Queen bees prior to handover. Once they are in your possession, it is your responsibility to keep them healthy and safe from harm. If it was deemed there was a major problem at handover we will provide a replacement.

You must pick up your bees on the delivery day you selected or make arrangements to have someone else pick them up. For the health of the bees, we cannot hold your bees, or queens for extended periods of time and if asked to do so we assume no guarantees for their health or that they won't swarm shortly thereafter.

If you have an issue, please contact us at or by phone on 0423 244 299 and we will try to work with you within reason.

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Do you have a passion for helping new Beekeepers successfully start their hobby in Beekeeping? Regardless of where you are based in Australia, if you are interested in joining our team of Experts providing quality Nuc’s or Queens for Beginner Beekeepers, please reach out to us. We look forward to talking with you.


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