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You've got the bug and decided to start keeping bees. Great!

But how do you get bees?

Every spring and summer, local beekeepers sell starter colonies, which are known as Nucleus colonies of bees, also called 'Nuc' for short. We’ve partnered with a selection of experienced and reputable Beekeepers to provide a convenient bee marketplace.

Buy a strong, healthy Nucleus Colony (nuc) of Bees or young, well mated Queen bees from good genetic stock direct from our selection of experienced and reputable Beekeepers.

Order your nucleus hive of bees today so you don’t miss out and we’ll help you get off to a good start.

Due to the increasing popularity of beekeeping, the best time to buy bees is before August each year with a view to getting prepared for their arrival October - December. Allocation of our popular hives is done on a first come, first served basis each year.

We proudly support local Aussie Beekeepers.
(Currently Servicing Melbourne Victoria, Australia and surrounds)

What We Offer

Complete Beekeeping Starter Kit including Bees


5 Frame Nucleus Hive (Nuc) of Bees


Onsite Beehive Delivery & Mentoring


How to get bees?

Learn the 5 different ways a Beginner Beekeeper can get bees

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Meet Krissy

Beekeeping in Australia - my first year of Beekeeping with a Flowhive with a Mentor

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Meet Scott

Buying nucleus hive of bees versus
swarms & building your own hives

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Meet Mick

Beekeeping on a Rooftop Terrace
in Melbourne's CBD

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Our Beekeeper Experts

Sam Lamanna-lilley

Sam and his partner Mel are Geelong based Beekeepers with over 200 Hives of their own. His specialty is producing nucleus colonies with calm bees. Sam is also the Co-Founder of Three Horn Mead and makes beautiful handcrafted knives...but that's another story.

Nathan Stewart

If you are a beginner interested to learn more about becoming an urban or backyard Beekeeper Nathan can help. Based in Doreen VIC, Nathan runs Bee Hive Tours (face-to-face introductory bee experiences), and has trained hundreds of new beekeepers to get started.


I purchased a Nucleus Starter Colony and Mentoring from Nathan have had a great experience. I'm super impressed with how gentle my bees have been and the honey is delicious. Highly Recommended.

Scott Clarkson

We feel much more confident and really appreciate your style and approach to beekeeping and your generosity of spirit.

Sally Joy (East Malvern VIC) | December 2020

Nathan has provided exceptional service to us. We can't recommend him highly enough. Pre-sale and after-sale support has been amazing. I feel 100% confident around my new bees and hive now.

Andrew Renton (Wyndham Vale, VIC) | December 2020

I would highly recommend the mentoring session for new beekeepers, completely tailored to my needs and environment, the bees are docile and easy to work with. Overall great experience!

Nathan Halley (Anakie VIC) | December 2020

Nathan supplied my first nucleus colony. Fantastic advice to get prepared and then great support with delivery and transfer of the bees. Highly recommended.

David Shaw