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Beekeeping is a great hobby that can provide you with delicious honey and helpful pollinators for your garden. But before you can start beekeeping, you need to get your hands on some bees!

Beehives For Sale
provides strong healthy colonies, with a docile temperament, that is perfect for beginner beekeepers.

We also provide support and advice to help you get started in beekeeping.

Each year we proudly supply over 200+ Beginner Beekeepers all across Victoria, Australia.

It's important you order your bees early. Pre-orders are essential.  Get in early to ensure you won't miss out. Our bees are very popular however we have limited stock and always run out each year. Once you order you'll receive a series of helpful email tutorials to assist you in getting ready for the arrival of your bees. The first email you receive will invite you to book either your Pickup Date or Delivery & Mentoring date depending on availability. Bee colonies will become available from the end of September and are provided on a first-come, first-served basis.

What We Offer

5 Frame Nucleus Hive (Nuc) of Bees


7 Frame Accelerated Starter Colonies


Onsite Beehive Delivery & Mentoring


How to get bees?

Learn the 5 different ways a Beginner Beekeeper can get bees

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Meet Krissy

Beekeeping in Australia - my first year of Beekeeping with a Flowhive with a Mentor

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Meet Scott

Buying nucleus hive of bees versus
swarms & building your own hives

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Meet Mick

Beekeeping on a Rooftop Terrace
in Melbourne's CBD

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Our Expert Beekeeper

Chris Kowalski

Chris is the owner of Beehives For Sale and has been supplying new beekeepers and professionals with nucleus colonies since 2016. He runs 800 hives and specialises in producing Italian honey bees with calm traits. Chris is also the Founder of The Apiarist and supplies honey to markets around Melbourne and Regional VIC.

If you are a beginner interested to learn more about becoming an urban or backyard beekeeper Chris can help. Based in Woodend VIC, he provides a delivery and mentoring service (face-to-face introductory bee experiences) and has trained hundreds of new beekeepers to get started.


Graeme Stuchbery

February 2021

We were given the bee keeping tour as a gift and loved every minute of it. Our host Nathan was very informative and friendly, a great beginners introduction to bee keeping. We are now looking forward to starting our own bee hive.

Mathew Mclardy

February 2021

Nathan Is very committed to the bees and it rubs off in his work with them. Would definitely recommend. Very generous, kind and let’s you know what you need to know as a beginner without flooding you with too much information to over complicate things. Was very nervous at the start but end result was very enjoyable experience.

Tom Goldner

January 2021

I just had the best day! Nathan delivered a beautiful, healthy Nuc and gave me my first hands on bee 🐝 experience. I’d recommend this to anybody starting a hive. I feel comfortable and like I have great information thanks to Nathan. Cheers!

Rosemary Dean

January 2021

We purchased our Nuc hive from Nathan. The time between order and receipt gave us a chance to prepare the site and get some background information. Nathan was fantastic, any queries were responded to. We picked the hive up on Sunday and moved them into the 8 frame box the following Wednesday. The bees are expanding into the empty frames and are very busy and active. I recommend Beehivesforsale to anyone contemplating setting up hives, for both service and the quality of the bees. Thank you Nathan.


January 2021

Nathan is excellent. We were very impressed with his knowledge and continued support throughout purchasing the bees and aftersales advice and encouragement with transferring the nuc and caring for our bees. Thank you Nathan! Legend..!

Eva Fonnes

December 2020

My 12 year old son and I purchased a nuc and mentoring session from Nathan, and we are both really impressed and grateful. Nathan is an excellent and very knowledgable teacher, and a really nice guy as well.He answered all of our questions, helped us set up the hive and we now feel really confident that we can look after our bees well. Setting up the beehive was past of my sons school project, and Nathan was very happy to let him take the lead. Thanks a lot Nathan, this has been a really great experience.

Andrew Renton (Wyndham Vale, VIC)

December 2020

Nathan has provided exceptional service to us. We can't recommend him highly enough. Pre-sale and after-sale support has been amazing. I feel 100% confident around my new bees and hive now.

Brett Wight

December 2020

Was such a pleasure to learn from Nathan and purchase my hives which he setup for me onsite. Highly recommend anyone looking to start their own journey into bee keeping use these guys!!!

Sally Joy (East Malvern VIC)

December 2020

Thank you so much for delivering our bees and teaching us the basics this morning. We feel much more confident with our new friends happily buzzing around the garden and really appreciate your style and approach to beekeeping, and your generosity of spirit.

John Rodgers

December 2020

Recently bought some bees from Nathan and would recommend the delivery and mentoring session. It was great to have first hand information onsite as we settled the bees into their new environment. Nathan very generously answered all of my questions and made some great suggestions about helping the hive become established. A great service for anyone starting up bee keeping. Thanks Nathan.

Nathan Halley (Anakie VIC) 

November 2020

I ordered a beginners bee hive kit from Nathan, and upgraded to a delivery and mentoring session. I would highly recommend the mentoring session to new beekeepers, but also existing hive owners that want a more intermediate to advanced session(perfect for flow hive owners). It was completely tailored to my needs and environment, the bees he delivered are extremely docile and easy to work with(for a beginner like myself). Overall great experience, a worthwhile investment to better your beekeeping.

Jaime Seletto

November 2020

Nathan was exceptionally experienced and a wealth of knowledge. I'm so pleased that I upgraded to the mentoring session. I feel so much more confident now.

Giuseppe Mazzarella

October 2020

Everything was a great experience from ordering the bees to the final step of mentoring. Highly recommend nathan from maya'xala for anything to do with bees he is very knowledgeable on every aspect to do with bees and always willing to help. Thanks again nathan πŸ‘ if I could I would give you more stars.

Kristen Feldtmann

October 2020

What a fantastic experience I have had! From my first beehive tour, to buying my own bees and being mentored by Nathan at my home. Our first year with the flow hive we got over 40kg of honey. Our bees are so quiet we can harvest without our bee suit. He has mentored me and is always on call to help with questions. My confidence has grown so much thanks to his guidance and support. Highly recommend.

Kerri Jeffery

August 2020

Nathan from Mayaxala Honey has provided us with a nucleus Colony of Bees 🐝🐝 that have a very gentle temperament, but have quickly grown into a strong colony. As a mentor, Nathan’s patience, calmness and knowledge has been highly valuable and he gave us confidence as we took our first steps as Beekeepers. I would definitely recommend Nathan as a reputable provider of bees and expertise. Our honey was sensational last year 🍯🍯🍯

David Shaw

Nathan supplied my first nucleus colony. Fantastic advice to get prepared and then great support with delivery and transfer of the bees. Highly recommended.

Scott Clarkson

I got my bees from Nathan 2 years ago now and he has come out to help me inspect my hives on occasions and has answered any questions I've had in regards to what's happening with my hive. I first met Nathan at one of his bee hive tours at rivers in Yarrambat and he inspired me to get into beekeeping myself. He has a great knowledge of bees and is happy to pass this onto people who want to start their own journey into beekeeping.


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