5 Frame Nucleus Hive (Nuc) of Bees (Pre-Order)
5 Frame Nucleus Hive (Nuc) of Bees (Pre-Order)
5 Frame Nucleus Hive (Nuc) of Bees (Pre-Order)
5 Frame Nucleus Hive (Nuc) of Bees (Pre-Order)

5 Frame Nucleus Hive (Nuc) of Bees (Pre-Order)

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You are ready to get into Beekeeping, but you need a Colony of Bees.
(Easily installed into a Flow® Hive or regular Langstroth Hive)

A nuc is a small colony of bees with a laying queen and brood, ready to expand into a full-sized hive. These are an ideal colony of bees for Beginner Beekeepers looking to introduce bees to a Flow® Hive or standard Langstroth Hive.

Nucleus hives, or nucs, are typically made by dividing strong existing colonies (called 'splits'). Each nuc is given a young mated queen with strong desirable genetics and given time to establish themselves.

We work with and support several trusted local Beekeepers to bring premium quality nucs to you.

When you receive your nuc it will consist of:

  • A mated Italian Queen Bee from good genetic stock,
  • Approximately 2,500 gentle bees,
  • 5 deep frames with a combination of brood, honey, and pollen and some space for expansion. 
  • BONUS FREE with all our Beehive Orders is a Beekeeping Accelerator Mini-eCourse called "Installing a Nucleus Hive - Moving Bees to a New Hive". This course is designed to assist new Hobbyist or Backyard Beekeepers with the arrival of the first Nucleus Hive. 

ORDER EARLY for Spring 2021 - Don't Miss Out!
It's important you order all Nucleus Hives early. Typically we receive pre-orders from January through to October each year to ensure you won't miss out.
We have limited stock and always run out each year. Please feel free to contact us to discuss timing relative to your circumstances, we are happy to help.

This year, given the Covid Restrictions and poor November Weather, both Pickups and Deliver & Mentoring Sessions are being Scheduled in November, December and January. Date preference is first come, first served. Pickup days are typically on Saturdays and we do suggest allowing 30 minutes so you can have a chat with our onsite Beekeepers.

Please be aware that Nucleus Colonies cannot be sent via Courier or Post. We offer DIY Pickups or an additional Delivery & Mentoring Service. 

Our Nucleus Colonies come in a secure ventilated box and a complimentary mesh bag for easy secure transport in your car. *Please note: Nuc Box type can vary compared to the photo.

PICKUP LOCATIONS throughout Victoria Australia (By Appointment):
Currently, we operate three Pickup Sites:

  • South Morang, VIC (29km NE of Melbourne CBD)
  • Geelong, VIC
  • Mt Eliza, VIC (Mornington Peninsula)

We do offer onsite delivery and mentoring packages which are an optional extra but need to be purchased separately to this Nuc hive.